Celebrities Wearing Stop Staring

30 Aug
One of our favorite things here at JBR is checking the latest celebrity blogs and news and seeing a starlet wearing some of the dresses that we carry in our stock! All of our dresses are so versatile you can see them from the red carpet to a charity event. Today we would like to take a look at some of our favorite celebrities wearing dresses by Stop Staring
One of the biggest fans of the Stop Staring line is Jillian Barberie Reynolds of L.A.’s Good Day LA morning show. This week Jillian made the announcement that every morning she will be wearing a dress by Stop Staring for the morning show. This is what she wore today
Jillian wore this Monday, she also tweeted that the dress was “Super Comfy”
 Jillian always looks good in everything she wears, but she rocks it out in her Stop Staring numbers. 
Other stars who have been spotted wearing Stop Staring are Kim Kardashian, Ashley Green, and Toccara Jones, just to name a few. 
 Paris Hilton was captured wearing Stop Staring on an evening out on the town. The way that Paris is wearing it is more dressed down, but the cut of the dress is so flattering on her figure. This dress does not take away from Paris’s sex appeal but gives her a timeless look. 
The last lady we would like to take a look at is a favorite here at JBR, the lovely Adrienne Maloof. Adrienne won our affection in the first season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills as one of the most level headed of the wives. Adrienne always looks good, keeps her composure and seems like one of the wives we would want to go grab a cocktail with. Here Adrienne is wearing a Stop Staring dress at the17th Annual QVC presents FFANY Shoes on Sale event in New York

The dress that Adrienne is wearing is the Ava Gathered dress, something we carry at JBR, so if you love this dress and want to grab this look go over to our page a take a look at this dress, while you are there browse all the other Stop Staring favorites we are sure you’ll find something you love! Stop Staring is all about accentuating the amazing curves of a woman’s body and the fabric that they use wears well. A Stop Staring dress is worth the investment, once you have one you are sure to fall in love. 

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