Bringing back the Beehive

28 Aug
In the last year we have seen actresses on the red carpet rocking hair as high as a pageant girl; but don’t get confused, these women are wearing hairstyles inspired by the 1950’s and 60’s, not building their hair up with curls but teasing it high to the sky to get a beehive look. Who brought the beehive hive hairstyle back is up for debate, but most people point back to the late Amy Winehouse for giving the beehive a lot of the press and popularity. The late singer was known for her soulful voice, for Winehouse the beehive was a perfect fit for the style of music that she was singing. 

Before Amy Winehouse there were many stars of the 1950’s and 60’s that rocked a beehive. Some people stay that Brigitte Bardot was the star that put it on the map. Bardot was known as a sexpot with big messy beehives. The manner in which Bardot wore her hair was one that was casually chic, there was little effort put into it, that is part of the appeal of wearing a beehive. 

The beehive hairstyle is loved by many people because of it’s versatility. For women who are looking for something that is clean, sleek, and has a pow factor the beehive can be just that. Brushing your hair back and slicking it back with product will make the front part of the beehive look smooth. Then as you get to the back you have the volume and drama, the beehive is a mix of them both. Kim Kardashian is known for wearing a beehive inspired look on the red carpet. Kim keeps her beehive sleek and big. 

Now, for those women who love the bedhead look, or perhaps are crunched for time in the morning, they can rock a beehive with a little less effort. All you need to do is tease up the back, add a little hairspray and pull it all back. The beehive is a great go to last minute hair option. 
However you choose to wear your beehive is up to you, in these final days of summer take a risk and tease it up. Like they say in the south, the higher the hair, the closer to God. And if that isn’t enough reason, it’s always fun to bust of the Aqua Net and try something new. 

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