Outfit of the Week

23 Aug
It’s that time, time for Outfit of the Week again. This week we will be looking at the STOP STARING CELEBRITY dress! 
This dress is a fun play on an L.B.D. You have the functionality in the flattering cut of the dress, and the subtle playfulness of the print to dress up or down. 
When you look at this dress there is something about it that screams to be paired with art deco inspired accessories. Thanks to a revival in the 70’s finding art deco jewelry is much easier than it used to be. For those women who don’t want to spend a fortune on accessories you can go to a store like Forever 21 for “throw away” pieces you won’t mind losing at the bar. However, if you are looking for high end pieces any designer store will have some staples to invest in. 
Let’s start with possible earring pairings

I love these simple earrings because you are able to get the structural vibe without being over-powering. These is a safer option for those people who are not ready to make the full commitment to geometric shapes. 
For those women who are ready to make a bigger commitment you can get something larger and more bold. 

The shape of these earrings contrast against the soft curves of the silhouette of the dress as well as the dot pattern on the dress. Again, playing with the contrasting ideas makes for a great look. 
When looking at necklaces you want to think of something that will add a little drama to the neckline. The cut of this dress is complimentary to every feminine shape, so take advantage of the neckline that the dress gives you and run with it. 
I love this chunky necklace so much! You have the glitz and glimmer from the gold but it also has the black to keep it grounded. If you wear this necklace so that it is extended a little more an hangs lower along the neck line, it will look FABULOUS! 

This simple drop down necklace is great for someone who is looking to wear a piece without over-accessorizing. If you are planning on wearing bolder earrings or bracelets you might want to opt for this simple choice. 
More than a necklace, this outfit is perfect for bracelets! The idea of large geometric earrings, a simple necklace, and these cuffs are going to kill the look. 
 LOVE, LOVE, LOVE a bold bracelet with this dress! Again, we are going for something that is art deco inspired with the dress. Continue picking out shapes that are structured and clean. Take one of these bracelets and then add very feminine and fine bangles to hit this out of the park. 
Having a bold bracelet isn’t enough. Play with contrast a little more and add very fine and simple bangles to the large and chunky bracelet for a bigger wow factor.
The last thing you need in regards to jewelry is a cocktail ring. No set of accessories would be complete without one!

If you go big with the bracelets take it down with your rings. You don’t need everything to be a huge statement, so allow the ring to be an accent to your fingers. 
For this dress you can totally pair it with some dark charcoal tights and killer heels. The darker the tights the more fierce that this dress will look. As for the heels, if you haven’t over done the accessories, get a fun pair of pumps that have a complimentary pattern or design that will play up the design on the dress.
If you have accessorized the heck out of  your top half keep it simple with your shoes. These ankle boots are fashionable and chic, imagine those botties with the tights, gorgeous. 
The last thing to bring this outfit together is a purse. For some reason I am drawn to a large bag with this dress. It could be that the dress is ultra fitted and we have paired it with structured accessories, so it makes me want to have a large bag to throw all of my stuff in.

We hope that you all love this dress as much as we do, and that you are able to accessorize it in a way that makes it uniquely your own. Remember, fashion is about being comfortable in your own style!!!!

We would also like all of our blog follows to send us their pictures wearing dresses that you bought from JBR! Snap a picture and email it to us and we may feature you on our blog!!!! Email all pictures to VintageRevolution@jbrclothing.com


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