Fall’s Fashion Color Scheme

18 Aug

We may still be a few months away from the leaves changing colors, but everywhere you look you will begin to see bright 1960’s inspired colors in your favorite clothing store. Looking at the runway trends for fall we see that designer’s are looking to the past for their inspiration. Many of the color choices are the burnt oranges, bright pinks, and greens from the Mod era. In fact, many of the dresses and coats that the models were wearing were reminiscent of iconic Twiggy fashion. 

Fall 2011 should be exciting, instead of stocking up on blacks, greys, and browns for the fall make sure to invest in one bold statement color piece of clothing. The runway was in love with jackets that were bright and stood out. Pairing a bright coat with a pair of black work pants or a pencil skirt can be a break from the monochromatic norm in the office. By just allowing your coat to be the center of your outfit you are sure to get stares as you walk to and from the office, and it is easy for you to play your outfit down in the office by just taking your coat off. 

If wearing a bold statement jacket is not your style, or just a little too much for you, start out small with a bright clutch or pair of shoes. Again, just because we are losing an hour of time and the world seems drab, it doesn’t mean that your wardrobe should fall by the the wayside too; take advantage of the trend and mix and match. Wearing all black and adding brightly colored shoes announces to your workplace that you are here for business but that you aren’t leaving your fashion sense at the door. Adding color is fun for you and breaks up the monotony of the everyday. 

Sometimes being experimental with your look is hard, but this fall challenge yourself to try something new with your look. The 1960’s and 70’s were all about freedom and equal rights, flex your freedom of expression by trying a new look on yourself, you may just be surprised!

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