Why Every Woman Needs a L.B.D.

17 Aug
For decades women’s fashion magazines have given advice on how to find the perfect Little Black Dress. The L.B.D. became a trend in 1926 when Chanel introduced the dress to her clothing line. Chanel felt that fashion should be functional as well as chic. The Little Black dress was intended to flatter every woman and had the ability to hide pesky cocktail stains! L.B.D. fever hit a new high when Hubert de Givenchy was put in charge of costume design for Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Hepburn put the little black dress on the map, and it has been a perfect marriage of fashion and functionality for women across the globe. 
Today we want to give an few reasons as to why women should not doubt the power of owning a little black dress. First of all, every woman needs a go to dress; a dress that you know will always look good to that last minute birthday party, or the wedding you really don’t want to buy a new outfit for. The L.B.D is fabulous for any occasion and can be dressed up or down with accessories. Having a little black dress that fits you and makes you feel comfortable is key to the power behind it. The more comfortable you feel in your L.B.D. the more it can work for you. We all have those days when we go into our closet and everything seems to have shrunk two sizes, but for some reason a good L.B.D. will fit and hide all the imperfections you are feeling about yourself. Lastly, a little black dress can be as sexy or as classy as you would like it to be. You can own a strapless L.B.D. but put a blazer over and sensible heels and it can be worn to the office. Take off the layers add some dramatic heels and it is ready to find you your next boyfriend. 
If you have been looking for your perfect L.B.D. today is the day to start. The little black dress never goes out of fashion and can be worn during any season. Start looking today at JBR and find one of our stunning L.B.D.’s to make your own! For one week we are giving you the chance to get one of our L.B.D’s using this coupon code to get 10% off your order, use JBRBLOG10! Start shopping and then send us some picks of you in your L.B.D to post on our blog. 

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