The Weekend Vintager

16 Aug
For those of you who have been following VintageRevBlog on Twitter you know that this weekend we were in Las Vegas and saw vintage inspired clothing in window displays on the strip! Nothing makes us happier than seeing clothing styles we love made up to look modern. 
Instead of just allowing one opportunity to present itself to us we hit the road and drove out to Riverside, CA to check out Rob’s Vintique, a super cool vintage clothing store. Here is some basic info you might need to visit them:

Location: Riverside, CA
Cross Streets: Magnolia and Central
Hours of Operation: Monday-Thursday 12-7, Friday-Saturday 12-6
Fun Fact: You can buy, sell, or trade your clothing here!
Anyone who loves retro architecture and buildings will love Rob’s Vintique. It’s located in a small strip mall that looks like it was built in the 1950’s. On one side is an antique store and on the other a pawn shop; making a trip to Rob’s great because you can get an outfit, accessories and some things for your house all in one stop!

When you walk into the store there are nick-knacks everywhere. You can find Star Wars glasses, Pan Am Stewardess thermos, old board games and more. They sell vintage post cards and there is a basket full of photos people didn’t want anymore. If you are into creating your own art you could easily buy a few of these fun pics and turn them into something fabulous for your house. 

The clothing inside is reasonably priced. You can find dresses from $20 and up, along with coats, skirts, hats, and purses. If you have a boyfriend or husband who likes vintage clothing, the store also carries men’s ware. What was great about the clothing is that there are a ton of different cuts and styles in the dresses they had in stock. I was able to find this cool grey tweed dress that came with an accent belt, very 1960’s secretary. They also had more light and flowy summer dresses. It is hard to imagine not finding an outfit here. 

If you ever find yourself in Riverside, or you are looking for a little day trip, take yourself over to Rob’s Vintique to get your vintage fix!

If you have somewhere you think we should visit leave us a comment here or email us at 


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