Outfit of the Week

13 Aug

It is that time of the week, posting for the OUTFIT OF THE WEEK! For all our followers this is taking a JBR dress and showing you possible accessory options. Sometimes the hardest part about buying a new outfit is figuring out how you are going to accessorize it, but don’t worry we are here to help alleviate those fears with our OUTFIT OF THE WEEK.
This week’s outfit is the JBR HEARTBREAKER DAHLIA dress.
This is a wonderful dress to end your summer with. The print is refreshing and the color will compliment any skin tone.
Possible accessory options for this dress are to add a belt to help define the waist line further. Belt color options can be a taupe or leather colored belt.
Summer time is all about sandals, espidrills and platforms. When wearing the DAHLIA dress I love a platform wedge with the dark taupe that is picking up on the accent colors in the dress.

Jewelry for this dress can be gold and silver accessories. Hoop earrings are always in vogue and pairing hoop earrings with this dress is something slightly unexpected but is fashionable compliment.

A necklace is a MUST for this dress. The halter top style automatically brings looks but play it up further with a choice necklace that accentuates the dress and you!

(Image and Necklaces by follower heatherberry on Etsy)
Lastly a cocktail ring! I can’t stress enough how important it is for women to have a staple cocktail ring to add to any of their ensambles! I will take a cocktail ring over a bracelet or necklace any day! For this particular dress I like the idea of pairing it with a floral shaped ring or one that looks like leaves, it is a fun play on the print. If that isn’t you style, perhaps try a cocktail ring made with organic elements i.e. a center stone made out of polished wood or a polished rock. 

   If you are planning on wearing this dress on a summer evening and you know it is going to get chilly add a light colored cardigan over that will compliment the color of your belt and shoes.

Keep checking back here for the latest on how to wear clothing from JBR Clothing, fan photos in their favorite dresses, coupon codes, and trends in accessories and fashion! Add Vintage Revolution to your favorite blogs and be sure to follow us on Twitter @VintageRevBlog to make sure you are always in the loop! If you have blog suggestions, questions, or comments feel free to leave them below or email them to VintageRevolution@JBRClothing.com.

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