Finding the Inspiration

11 Aug
Costume Designer Janie Bryant
Mad Men costume designer Janie Bryant has partnered up with Gap Co to design affordable clothing for their Banana Republic clothing chain. This has been a long time in the making. In an interview that Janie Bryant did with Glamour in early 2009 she mentions that she is working on a collection; however, she never gives any more detail than that. Now we know what all the mystery was about, she was working hard to bring us this!

In the interview that Janie Bryant did with Glamour, she gave excellent advice for all those fashionistas out there looking to take those vintage pieces that they scored at the local flea market and wear them without making them look too costume like. Brant’s advice is “You know what’s really fun, is to get a great vintage blouse of the period, with some pin tucks or ruffles, and wear them with skinny jeans. I also love twinsets, which are just so iconic for the period, and a pencil skirt is perfect, or also finding a great shirtwaist dress. Definitely if you buy something, a piece from the period, I always say mix it with very contemporary pieces, whether it be a modern shoe or skinny jeans or high waisted trouser jeans. I’m a strong believer in mixing a lot of pieces.”
Mixing and matching is key when you want to wear vintage clothing. Wearing too much vintage can make you looked dated and not chic. Don’t ever feel the need to only wear one look or style, it can be to restricting! Here at JBR we like to play with textures and colors. If you have a dress that is a solid print break it up with shoes that may have an animal print on them, or texture that is contradictory to your outfit. Sometimes the best outfits can be the ones that you least expected to work! The other thing to remember in regards to vintage inspired fashion is that the women who originally wore these outfits brought their own personality to them; whether it be a scarf or textured tights, express yourself.
Until our next posting, remain inspired by the fashion around you!

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