Dress It Up!

9 Aug

Thanks to Mad Men and the new Playboy Club show slated to air this fall, vintage clothing is hotter than ever, and now JBR Clothing is presenting you with a blog that will be showcasing how to take the best in vintage fashion with DRESS IT UP, one of several postings available on our blog Vintage Revolution. DRESS IT UP will be a weekly posting about how to take a JBR dress from the office to the cocktail party. JBR Clothing’s Blog Vintage Revolution is here to prove that we are not just a vintage clothing retailer but a company that is showing the public how versatile vintage inspired clothing can be at any occasion.
The dress we will be showcasing this week is the STOP STARING PARK PLACE dress.

I love this dress for many reasons, the fit, the material, and the look. There is almost nothing that needs to be done to it in order to wear it in to the office, but if you are looking to make it pop just a little more while you are on the job I highly suggest a bold statement ring, something that has a little bling and adds your own style to the outfit.
I also like pairing this with a pair of Mary-Jane style kitten heels, or a heel that is 3.5 inches or under.

By adding an over sized watch you have the play between

the femininity in the curve hugging dress with the in charge attitude of a boyfriend style watch.
For those women who find themselves needing to carry an array of things in their purse a perfect pairing would be the LUX DE VILLE SIN CITY MOTOR KISS LOCK BLACK HANDBAG. This bag is large enough to carry paperwork in but with all the class of a lady on the go.

Lastly, a subtle pair of earrings to pull the whole outfit together.
Now when taking this dress from the office to the cocktail hour the first thing to do is to add a little extra make-up. Adding a darker shade of eye shadow or lip stick is one of the easiest ways to add drama to your look when transitioning into an evening out.

Next trade out your watch for some silver bangle bracelets, for heightened drama alternate between thicker banded bracelets with black accents on it with smaller silver bangles.

Add a necklace; because this dress has the bow detail around the neckline, you want to make sure to pick something that is not going to make you appear over accessorized.

You can trade out the more simple earrings for something with a little more length and drama.

Next get rid of the smaller heel for a peep toed pump with more height, the higher the better for a night out on the town! Again, if you are looking to add more drama to your outfit, play with a heel that has texture to its design.
Thanks to the obsession with Kate Middleton and English customs if you are feeling extra sassy tonight add a fascinator in your hair. If you are not a fascinator fan, I also like hair accessories with bling on them. Look for head bands with rhinestones or over-sized hair clips with feathers!

(Image and Fascinator by follower VintageBox1947 on Etsy)

While you can still keep your LUX DE VILLE SIN CITY MOTOR KISS LOCK BLACK HANDBAG out for the evening, if you are looking for something smaller opt for a black clutch.

Keep checking back here for the latest on how to wear clothing from JBR Clothing, fan photos in their favorite dresses, coupon codes, and trends in accessories and fashion! Add Vintage Revolution to your favorite blogs and be sure to follow us on Twitter at http://www.twitter.com/vintagerevblog to make sure you are always in the loop! If you have blog suggestions, questions, or comments feel free to leave them below or email them to VintageRevolution@JBRClothing.com.

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