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Celebrities Wearing Stop Staring

30 Aug
One of our favorite things here at JBR is checking the latest celebrity blogs and news and seeing a starlet wearing some of the dresses that we carry in our stock! All of our dresses are so versatile you can see them from the red carpet to a charity event. Today we would like to take a look at some of our favorite celebrities wearing dresses by Stop Staring
One of the biggest fans of the Stop Staring line is Jillian Barberie Reynolds of L.A.’s Good Day LA morning show. This week Jillian made the announcement that every morning she will be wearing a dress by Stop Staring for the morning show. This is what she wore today
Jillian wore this Monday, she also tweeted that the dress was “Super Comfy”
 Jillian always looks good in everything she wears, but she rocks it out in her Stop Staring numbers. 
Other stars who have been spotted wearing Stop Staring are Kim Kardashian, Ashley Green, and Toccara Jones, just to name a few. 
 Paris Hilton was captured wearing Stop Staring on an evening out on the town. The way that Paris is wearing it is more dressed down, but the cut of the dress is so flattering on her figure. This dress does not take away from Paris’s sex appeal but gives her a timeless look. 
The last lady we would like to take a look at is a favorite here at JBR, the lovely Adrienne Maloof. Adrienne won our affection in the first season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills as one of the most level headed of the wives. Adrienne always looks good, keeps her composure and seems like one of the wives we would want to go grab a cocktail with. Here Adrienne is wearing a Stop Staring dress at the17th Annual QVC presents FFANY Shoes on Sale event in New York

The dress that Adrienne is wearing is the Ava Gathered dress, something we carry at JBR, so if you love this dress and want to grab this look go over to our page a take a look at this dress, while you are there browse all the other Stop Staring favorites we are sure you’ll find something you love! Stop Staring is all about accentuating the amazing curves of a woman’s body and the fabric that they use wears well. A Stop Staring dress is worth the investment, once you have one you are sure to fall in love. 

Finding the Inspiration: The Help

28 Aug
For those of you who haven’t had a chance to go out and see The Help yet, we here at JBR HIGHLY recommend going out and seeing it. Not only is the story inspiring, up-lifting, and rich, the costume design is to die for! All we could think about as we watched the movie was that we needed to blog about it after! As you watch the movie each of the character’s have very distinct styles, even the different housemaids had slight variations to their costume design. For costume designer Sharen Davis, this isn’t the first time she has designed vintage clothing for a movie. Davis worked on Ray and Dream Girls. Davis said that it was exciting to work on The Help because it was a chance to use more color. 
For Davis this was a departure for her in terms of color palette as well as the resources available to her. Davis said that she had to spend time hunting through vintage stores for the accessories, looking for patent purses and hats. As for the actual clothing, Davis purchased vintage material and made the costumes for each of her characters. Unlike the 1960’s inspiration for Mad Men, which is centered around the sleek look of secretarial outfits and city women, The Help is focused on southern women who are working for the women’s league and taking care of their children. According to L.A. Times, The Help describes the characters within the book as children raising children. Davis took this to mean women who do not necessarily have a refined sense of fashion but are two years behind the real fashion trends; instead what Davis did was to look at old JCPenny catalogs and Sears to find her inspiration.  

For main character Skeeter Phalan Davis looked at old Ole Miss yearbooks to see what students in the 1960’s were wearing. Skeeter’s look was more about being a tom boy and functionality, she was a woman who wanted to be taken seriously and never truly assimilated to the life of being a happy housewife. 

The most amazing part of the the stories behind the costumes is the personal connection Davis had in creating the costumes for the Help. According to L.A. “For Davis, who is African American, creating the costumes for the black maids had special meaning because her grandmother, Nelly Moseley, worked as domestic help in Louisiana during the same time period as the film’s.” Davis said that traditionally women who were housemaids wore white uniforms to work, but in filming the white was not making a visual statement; the costumes looked like they were intended to be worn by a nurse and not by the domestic help. Instead Davis took inspiration from her grandmother and created a costume that was grey, similar to her grandmother’s. 

If the story line doesn’t seem appealing to you do yourself a favor and at least look at more photos from the movie. All of the costumes that Davis designed for this movie are awesome, it made us here at JBR go into our warehouse closet and see what we could wear that was similar to our favorite characters in the movie. And if you have seen the movie leave us a comment and let us know which character in the movie did you most connect with on a fashion level. 

Bringing back the Beehive

28 Aug
In the last year we have seen actresses on the red carpet rocking hair as high as a pageant girl; but don’t get confused, these women are wearing hairstyles inspired by the 1950’s and 60’s, not building their hair up with curls but teasing it high to the sky to get a beehive look. Who brought the beehive hive hairstyle back is up for debate, but most people point back to the late Amy Winehouse for giving the beehive a lot of the press and popularity. The late singer was known for her soulful voice, for Winehouse the beehive was a perfect fit for the style of music that she was singing. 

Before Amy Winehouse there were many stars of the 1950’s and 60’s that rocked a beehive. Some people stay that Brigitte Bardot was the star that put it on the map. Bardot was known as a sexpot with big messy beehives. The manner in which Bardot wore her hair was one that was casually chic, there was little effort put into it, that is part of the appeal of wearing a beehive. 

The beehive hairstyle is loved by many people because of it’s versatility. For women who are looking for something that is clean, sleek, and has a pow factor the beehive can be just that. Brushing your hair back and slicking it back with product will make the front part of the beehive look smooth. Then as you get to the back you have the volume and drama, the beehive is a mix of them both. Kim Kardashian is known for wearing a beehive inspired look on the red carpet. Kim keeps her beehive sleek and big. 

Now, for those women who love the bedhead look, or perhaps are crunched for time in the morning, they can rock a beehive with a little less effort. All you need to do is tease up the back, add a little hairspray and pull it all back. The beehive is a great go to last minute hair option. 
However you choose to wear your beehive is up to you, in these final days of summer take a risk and tease it up. Like they say in the south, the higher the hair, the closer to God. And if that isn’t enough reason, it’s always fun to bust of the Aqua Net and try something new. 

Outfit of the Week

23 Aug
It’s that time, time for Outfit of the Week again. This week we will be looking at the STOP STARING CELEBRITY dress! 
This dress is a fun play on an L.B.D. You have the functionality in the flattering cut of the dress, and the subtle playfulness of the print to dress up or down. 
When you look at this dress there is something about it that screams to be paired with art deco inspired accessories. Thanks to a revival in the 70’s finding art deco jewelry is much easier than it used to be. For those women who don’t want to spend a fortune on accessories you can go to a store like Forever 21 for “throw away” pieces you won’t mind losing at the bar. However, if you are looking for high end pieces any designer store will have some staples to invest in. 
Let’s start with possible earring pairings

I love these simple earrings because you are able to get the structural vibe without being over-powering. These is a safer option for those people who are not ready to make the full commitment to geometric shapes. 
For those women who are ready to make a bigger commitment you can get something larger and more bold. 

The shape of these earrings contrast against the soft curves of the silhouette of the dress as well as the dot pattern on the dress. Again, playing with the contrasting ideas makes for a great look. 
When looking at necklaces you want to think of something that will add a little drama to the neckline. The cut of this dress is complimentary to every feminine shape, so take advantage of the neckline that the dress gives you and run with it. 
I love this chunky necklace so much! You have the glitz and glimmer from the gold but it also has the black to keep it grounded. If you wear this necklace so that it is extended a little more an hangs lower along the neck line, it will look FABULOUS! 

This simple drop down necklace is great for someone who is looking to wear a piece without over-accessorizing. If you are planning on wearing bolder earrings or bracelets you might want to opt for this simple choice. 
More than a necklace, this outfit is perfect for bracelets! The idea of large geometric earrings, a simple necklace, and these cuffs are going to kill the look. 
 LOVE, LOVE, LOVE a bold bracelet with this dress! Again, we are going for something that is art deco inspired with the dress. Continue picking out shapes that are structured and clean. Take one of these bracelets and then add very feminine and fine bangles to hit this out of the park. 
Having a bold bracelet isn’t enough. Play with contrast a little more and add very fine and simple bangles to the large and chunky bracelet for a bigger wow factor.
The last thing you need in regards to jewelry is a cocktail ring. No set of accessories would be complete without one!

If you go big with the bracelets take it down with your rings. You don’t need everything to be a huge statement, so allow the ring to be an accent to your fingers. 
For this dress you can totally pair it with some dark charcoal tights and killer heels. The darker the tights the more fierce that this dress will look. As for the heels, if you haven’t over done the accessories, get a fun pair of pumps that have a complimentary pattern or design that will play up the design on the dress.
If you have accessorized the heck out of  your top half keep it simple with your shoes. These ankle boots are fashionable and chic, imagine those botties with the tights, gorgeous. 
The last thing to bring this outfit together is a purse. For some reason I am drawn to a large bag with this dress. It could be that the dress is ultra fitted and we have paired it with structured accessories, so it makes me want to have a large bag to throw all of my stuff in.

We hope that you all love this dress as much as we do, and that you are able to accessorize it in a way that makes it uniquely your own. Remember, fashion is about being comfortable in your own style!!!!

We would also like all of our blog follows to send us their pictures wearing dresses that you bought from JBR! Snap a picture and email it to us and we may feature you on our blog!!!! Email all pictures to

Fall’s Fashion Color Scheme

18 Aug

We may still be a few months away from the leaves changing colors, but everywhere you look you will begin to see bright 1960’s inspired colors in your favorite clothing store. Looking at the runway trends for fall we see that designer’s are looking to the past for their inspiration. Many of the color choices are the burnt oranges, bright pinks, and greens from the Mod era. In fact, many of the dresses and coats that the models were wearing were reminiscent of iconic Twiggy fashion. 

Fall 2011 should be exciting, instead of stocking up on blacks, greys, and browns for the fall make sure to invest in one bold statement color piece of clothing. The runway was in love with jackets that were bright and stood out. Pairing a bright coat with a pair of black work pants or a pencil skirt can be a break from the monochromatic norm in the office. By just allowing your coat to be the center of your outfit you are sure to get stares as you walk to and from the office, and it is easy for you to play your outfit down in the office by just taking your coat off. 

If wearing a bold statement jacket is not your style, or just a little too much for you, start out small with a bright clutch or pair of shoes. Again, just because we are losing an hour of time and the world seems drab, it doesn’t mean that your wardrobe should fall by the the wayside too; take advantage of the trend and mix and match. Wearing all black and adding brightly colored shoes announces to your workplace that you are here for business but that you aren’t leaving your fashion sense at the door. Adding color is fun for you and breaks up the monotony of the everyday. 

Sometimes being experimental with your look is hard, but this fall challenge yourself to try something new with your look. The 1960’s and 70’s were all about freedom and equal rights, flex your freedom of expression by trying a new look on yourself, you may just be surprised!

Why Every Woman Needs a L.B.D.

17 Aug
For decades women’s fashion magazines have given advice on how to find the perfect Little Black Dress. The L.B.D. became a trend in 1926 when Chanel introduced the dress to her clothing line. Chanel felt that fashion should be functional as well as chic. The Little Black dress was intended to flatter every woman and had the ability to hide pesky cocktail stains! L.B.D. fever hit a new high when Hubert de Givenchy was put in charge of costume design for Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Hepburn put the little black dress on the map, and it has been a perfect marriage of fashion and functionality for women across the globe. 
Today we want to give an few reasons as to why women should not doubt the power of owning a little black dress. First of all, every woman needs a go to dress; a dress that you know will always look good to that last minute birthday party, or the wedding you really don’t want to buy a new outfit for. The L.B.D is fabulous for any occasion and can be dressed up or down with accessories. Having a little black dress that fits you and makes you feel comfortable is key to the power behind it. The more comfortable you feel in your L.B.D. the more it can work for you. We all have those days when we go into our closet and everything seems to have shrunk two sizes, but for some reason a good L.B.D. will fit and hide all the imperfections you are feeling about yourself. Lastly, a little black dress can be as sexy or as classy as you would like it to be. You can own a strapless L.B.D. but put a blazer over and sensible heels and it can be worn to the office. Take off the layers add some dramatic heels and it is ready to find you your next boyfriend. 
If you have been looking for your perfect L.B.D. today is the day to start. The little black dress never goes out of fashion and can be worn during any season. Start looking today at JBR and find one of our stunning L.B.D.’s to make your own! For one week we are giving you the chance to get one of our L.B.D’s using this coupon code to get 10% off your order, use JBRBLOG10! Start shopping and then send us some picks of you in your L.B.D to post on our blog. 

The Weekend Vintager

16 Aug
For those of you who have been following VintageRevBlog on Twitter you know that this weekend we were in Las Vegas and saw vintage inspired clothing in window displays on the strip! Nothing makes us happier than seeing clothing styles we love made up to look modern. 
Instead of just allowing one opportunity to present itself to us we hit the road and drove out to Riverside, CA to check out Rob’s Vintique, a super cool vintage clothing store. Here is some basic info you might need to visit them:

Location: Riverside, CA
Cross Streets: Magnolia and Central
Hours of Operation: Monday-Thursday 12-7, Friday-Saturday 12-6
Fun Fact: You can buy, sell, or trade your clothing here!
Anyone who loves retro architecture and buildings will love Rob’s Vintique. It’s located in a small strip mall that looks like it was built in the 1950’s. On one side is an antique store and on the other a pawn shop; making a trip to Rob’s great because you can get an outfit, accessories and some things for your house all in one stop!

When you walk into the store there are nick-knacks everywhere. You can find Star Wars glasses, Pan Am Stewardess thermos, old board games and more. They sell vintage post cards and there is a basket full of photos people didn’t want anymore. If you are into creating your own art you could easily buy a few of these fun pics and turn them into something fabulous for your house. 

The clothing inside is reasonably priced. You can find dresses from $20 and up, along with coats, skirts, hats, and purses. If you have a boyfriend or husband who likes vintage clothing, the store also carries men’s ware. What was great about the clothing is that there are a ton of different cuts and styles in the dresses they had in stock. I was able to find this cool grey tweed dress that came with an accent belt, very 1960’s secretary. They also had more light and flowy summer dresses. It is hard to imagine not finding an outfit here. 

If you ever find yourself in Riverside, or you are looking for a little day trip, take yourself over to Rob’s Vintique to get your vintage fix!

If you have somewhere you think we should visit leave us a comment here or email us at